Selected Compositions by Bob Gluck


'Eighteen Hands', software-based custom-designed performance interface for live improvisatory performance, computer-assisted piano, 2006.

'Electric Brew Prelude' (2006)
'Electric Brew' (2005)
Movie clip of a 2005 performance of 'Electric Brew' at the Spanish Synagogue in Prague
Two works for computer-assisted piano, shofar and computer interface based upon themes from Miles Davis' 'Bitches Brew'

'Shofarrr' (2005). Live interactive electronic work for ram's horn and computer interface, designed with Max/MSP; at times incorporated within the work 'Electric Brew'.

'Pharoah's Interlude' (2006)
'Pharoah's Spring' (2005)
Two works for computer-assisted piano, shofar and computer interfacebased upon themes from Josef Zawinul's 'Pharoah's Dance'

'Questions, questions' (2005)
A structured improvisation for computer-assisted piano and computer interface, based upon themes from Dave Holland's 'Q&A'

'Prague Soundscape' (2005). Electroacoustic soundscape composition.

'In the Bushes' (2004), live electronic performance for computer assisted piano and electronics. Movie clip

"Layered Histories" (2004) Immersive interactive music and video installation, with Cynthia Rubin.

"Layered Histories: The Wandering Bible of Marseilles" (2004) Linear video, with Cynthia Rubin.

'Sazmin' (2004), electroacoustic composition; included in the Vox Novus 60 x 60 Project performances and forthcoming CD on Capstone Records (2005). Public listenings: University of Maine; Weisman Museum (Minneapolis); National University of Music (Bucharest, Rumania); Klosterneuburg (Austria), Contemporary Art Museum (St. Louis).

"Harpsi" (2004)
Live electronic performance (Max/MSP processed harpsichord)
mp3 clips: one, two, three

"ibsquij" (2004), Live electronic performance ("Kee-board" electronic controller)

"After Don" (2004)
Musique concrete work based upon a 1977 composition by Donald Funes. Six movements, 16:06.
mp3 clip 1
mp3 clip 2

Electric Songs (EMF CD 151), 2003
Click CD image for notes and mp3s

1. 'Zamir' (2003), for saz and electronics

2. 'Sshofar' (2002), for shofar and electronics

3. 'Doina' (2003), for saz and electronics

4. 'Shofar' (2002), for shofar and electronics

5. 'Interlude' (2003), for saz and electronics

6. 'Shofaralong' (2001), for shofar and electronics

7. 'Electric Songs' (2002), for voice and electronics
a. Movement I
b. Movement II
c. Movement III

'Cape Cod Imaginary Landscape' (1974), music concrete. mp3 (excerpt)

"Zamir" (2003)
"Doina" (2003)
Live electronic performance (Turkish saz, electronically expanded with sensors and Max/MSP interface)
Premiere: Doina: New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) Conference (Montreal), May 2003; Zamir: Lotus Music and Dance (New York City), February 2002.
mp3 clip

"Sshofar" (2002)
"Shofar" (2002)
Life electronic performance (Max/MSP processed ram's horn, I-cube sensor glove controller)
Premiere: Sage College Opalka Gallery (Albany, NY), February 2002.
"Shshofar" mp3 clip

"Shirim Hashmaliyim'" (Electric Songs), 2002.
Life electronic performance (eBoard, voice, Max/MSP interface, and electronics)
Premiere: Flea Theater (New York City), April 2002 with Zoe B. Zak (voice)
mp3 clip

"Miles Before," 2002.
Live electronic performance (Max/MSP, processed Saz, outiftted with I-Cube sensors).
Premiere: Congregation Ohav Shalom, Albany, New York, January 2002. mp3 (excerpt)

"Shofaralong," 2001.
Live electronic performance (Max/MSP, processed ram's horn, I-Cube sensor glove controller, 10:00).
Premiere: Schenectady JCC, November 2001. Supported by a commission grant from Meet the Composer. mp3 (excerpt)

"Klezfez," 2001.
Live electronic performance (eBoard controller, Max/MSP, klezmer sound samples, processed acoustic 'dulciharp', 15:00).
Premiere: Mobius (Boston) and Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute, April, 2001.
(mp3: excerpt 1)
(mp3: excerpt 2)

"Sounds of a Community," 2001.
Interactive sound installation (eInstruments, Max/MSP interfaces).
Premiere: Woodstock Jewish Congregation, Woodstock, NY, March, 2001.
New installation elements premiered in January (Congregation Ohav Shalom, Albany, New York, and April 2002 (Flea Theater, New York City)

"Woodstock Soundscape," 2000 - 2002.
Through-composed soundscape composition.
Premiere: Woodstock Jewish Congregation, Woodstock, NY, March, 2001. mp3 (excerpt)

"A Neighborhood Somewhat Different From Your Own," 2000.
Live electronic performance (eBoard controller, Max/MSP, sound samples from Mideast conflict, 20:00).
Premiere: Dartmouth College and Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute, Nov./Dec. 2000. Brief Quicktime movie clip.

"On Many Streets," 2000.
Soundscape composition with digital processing (7:50). mp3 (excerpt)

"Ashkenazi," 2000.
Live interactive performance (Max/MSP, 20:00).
Premiere: Schenectady (NY) JCC and Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute, Spring 2000.

"S'fat" (in progress).
Live electronic opera (projected length: 2 hours). Score example.

"1384 Grand Concourse," CD ROM,1999. Interactive sonic/visual environment.

"Bachcycles," 1999.
Live electronic music and interactive images, in collaboration with visual artist Dina Williams (15:00).
mp3 (35 second excerpt)
Here is one of the visual images I created for this work.
Here is a second. Two of the icons on the home page of this web site were also from this project. Ms. Williams' images were animated still photographs of bicycles in Amsterdam. Thus the title 'Bachcycles'.

Stories Heard and Retold (EMF CD 008), 1998
Click CD image for notes and more mp3s

"Scene/Seen in Shul" (19:40)
1 a. Antechamber before services (4:08)
2 b. Maariv (3:17)
3 c. Pages turning/Torah Aliyot (2:59)
4 d. Davening (2:53) mp3 (excerpt)
5 e. Group prayer (2:44)
6 f. Closing (3:39) mp3 (excerpt)

"Yiddish Songs" (18:37)
7 a. Unter dem kindes vigele (7:48)
8 b. Mir zaynen nikhter (1:27)
9 c. Oyfn pripetshik (3:35)
10 d. Unter di khurves fun Poyln (5:47)

11 "Jonah Under The Sea" (9:57)

Public performances of segments of Stories Heard and Retold:
"Humor y Aliento," Second International Sound Art Festival, Mexico City (2000).
"Radio Burst," Conference on Acoustic Ecology, Trent University (2000).
Czech Radio Channel "Vitava." (2001)
Virtual Africa/"The Spirit and Power of Water" web show (2001).

"Yiddish Songs II," soundtrack to Inherited Memories,video by Cynthia Rubin (3:48), 1997.

Public premiere of Inherited Memories: 1997 SIGGRAPH animation festival, Los Angeles CA; "Ritual Acts: Videos by Women," MediaSpace at the DeCordova Museum, Boston, MA (1998); Subsequent showings: 2nd Annual VideoUS (2000), Stockholm, Sweden; 2001 Glasgow Film Theatre (in conjunction with CADE), Glasgow, UK; Rochester, NY Film Festival (2001). 1998 performances of "Yiddish Songs II": Israel Festival's electro-acoustic concert at the Berlin Hochschule der Kuenste, Collage Jukebox 98, Kunst In Der Stadt II, Bregenz.

Some Places I Have Been,Private release, 1995.

"Aspects of Kol Nidrei," (7:23)
"Kabbalat Shabbat" (17:53): "Welcome" (1:58), "Lekha Dodi" (4:19), "HaMaariv Aravim"(4:31), "Shema" (3:27), "Shabbat Shalom"(3:41))
"Recalling Those Days" (8:50)
"Later That Day" (5:55), "On That Day They Will Dance in White" (2:40), "Reb Shlomo Meets Frank Zappa in the Next World" (3:15)
"A Requiem" (26:57), 1994
"In My Mother's Father's House" (16:07), 1995
"Before and After" (10:50), 1995
Public performance of segments of Some Places I Have Been:"MIDI and Beyond" Conference, Simon's Rock College, 1995.

A Sampling of Early Works

"A Journey," Buchla modular system (9'30"), 1974. mp3 (excerpt)

"Cape Cod Imaginary Landscape," music concrete (10'10"), 1974. mp3 (excerpt)

"For the Moose," electronic tape ("Homage a Bulwinkle," 1974), piano and percussion (9'28"), 1975.


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