"A major accomplishment"
- Howard Mandel

You'll Know When

"Bob Gluck brings the nature and workings of this amazing and influential ensemble to life." - Pat Metheny

Bob's Book Blog

Something Quiet CD

Something Quiet
"completely original, artistically spontaneous, and intellectually challenging" - All About Jazz

Textures and Pulsations CD

Bob Gluck & Aruan Ortiz
"Have taken the road less traveled, with remarkable results." - Blitz Magazine

Returning CD

"a fantastic listen... something exceptional" - Book's Music
Returning live: December 2011

"a near classic work of art, one that will easily withstand the test of time" - JazzTimes

Tropelets CD

Bob Gluck & Andrew Sterman
"a unique approach that extends into new spaces with old world foundations." - O's Place Jazz

Neil Rolnick's
'Extended Family' @ iTunes

Interview: Lofton Emenari jazz show

    Bob Gluck

Gluck piano performance

Photo: Paul Grupp and Brenda Rose

"an accomplished jazz pianist. Mr. Gluck performed... with virtuosic fluidity"
- Allan Kozinn, New York Times

"An intensity and sensitivity that is spellbinding." - Jazz Review

"An accomplished and passionate pianist in the most elusive tradition of avant-garde masters Cecil Taylor, Andrew Hill, McCoy Tyner, and Don Pullen."
- Chronogram

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Coming in late 2015

"Revisiting music of the Mwandishi Band"

Watch a preview video and support our Indegogo campaign

Gluck, Sullivan, Hart, Henderson

Bob Gluck, Christopher Dean Sullivan, Jabali Billy Hart, Eddie Henderson

Coming in December 2015

again from University of Chicago Press

"The Miles Davis 'Lost' Quintet and Other Revolutionary Ensembles"

Miles David Lost Quintet

Photograph by Veryl Oakland

electroacoustics & multimedia

Infinite Spirit plays Mwandishi repertoire

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