“An intensity and sensitivity that is spellbinding."

- Jazz Review (Returning)

Bob Gluck: Pianist, Writer, Electronic musician


From University of Chicago Press

What’s New?


The Miles Davis Lost Quintet:


George Lewis: “a radical challenge to accepted portrayals of the networks that animated experimental music-making in the crucial decade of the 1970s.”


Stanley Cowell: “will be an important contribution to music literature and study.”


You’ll Know When You Get There:



Howard Mandel: “A major accomplishment"


Pat Metheny: “Bob Gluck brings the nature and workings of this amazing and influential ensemble to life."

Photo:  of Bob Gluck Paul Grupp and Brenda Rose

Paintings: Stan Gluck (floral), Bob Gluck (keyboardist)



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Bob Gluck (http://www.electricsongs.com) is a pianist, composer, writer, and rabbi. He has released four recordings of music for jazz ensembles, three of electronic music, and two of electroacoustic duos. Karl Ackerman (All About Jazz) wrote about his work: “As a composer and player, Gluck ranks with the likes of Andrew Hill and Cecil Taylor.” Jazz Review describes his previous FMR recording, “Returning,” as displaying "an intensity and sensitivity that is spellbinding." Gluck is author of two books published by University of Chicago Press, “You’ll Know When You Get There: Herbie Hancock and the Mwandishi Band” (2012) and “The Miles Davis ‘Lost’ Quintet and Other Revolutionary Ensembles” (2016). Gluck’s recent collaborators include Eddie Allen, Michael Bisio, Jane Ira Bloom, Billy Hart, Christopher Dean Sullivan, Ken Filiano, Joe Giardullo, Eddie Henderson, Ras Moshe Burnett, Aruan Ortiz, Neil Rolnick, Dean Sharp, Andrew Sterman, and Tani Tabbal. Gluck is on the faculty of the University at Albany.