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 'Dolphin Dance', May 2009

 Bob Gluck

Michael Bisio Bob Gluck Dean Sharp
    Bob Gluck Trio

Bob Gluck, piano and electronics
Michael Bisio, bass
Dean Sharp, percussion

"The Bob Gluck trio has created a near classic work of art, one that will easily withstand the test of time and especially with the pristine sound of the CD will definitely reward repeated listenings."
- Hrayr Attarian (JazzTimes Community)

'Sideways' is "a potent first document of this expansive trio, with Gluck's open-ended compositions and those of others sparking the creative improvised explorations from all... a sense of openness and improvisational acumen with shards of daring ... What the trio excels at most prominently is its use of sparse sensibilities that speak to emotional cores, whether following thematic elements within the context of a groove or along an explorative plane..."
- Jay Collins (Cadence)

"Sideways... surprises and engages throughout ... timeless beauty ..." -

"A marvel of confident restraint ... Gluck, Bisio, and Sharp converse with calculated simpatico, each playing his hand like a shrewd shark ... Making this is one game you'll want to be in on." - Roll

"... conversing in ways that are sometimes silent as well as soaring and singing. These are seasoned improvising musicians who have found and honed their own communication skills and brought them to a greater whole ..." - Chronogram

"...the trio' s version of 'Lonely Woman' is brilliant. Ornette Coleman's beautiful tune is fully in sync with the rest of the album's desperate tone, full of shattered hope, and deep longing for a better world. Great music. I truly hope to hear more from this trio in the future." - Free Jazz Blogspot

Gluck Trio