"A potent first document of this expansive trio, with Gluck's open-ended compositions and those of others sparking the creative improvised explorations from all... a sense of openness and improvisational acumen with shards of daring ..." (Jay Collins, "Cadence")
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"a near classic work of art, one that will easily withstand the test of time" (Hrayr Attarian, "JazzTimes" Community)



Unknown Soldier


Rather Wonderful

Yet Another Pharoah

History of a Mystery

A Remark You Made


Lonely Woman

Full track:

All compositions by Bob Gluck (Electricsongs, ASCAP)

except 'Unknown Soldier' and 'A Remark You Made' by Josef Zawinul (Mulatto Music, BMI), 'Rather Wonderful' by Bob Gluck and Irving Berlin, 'History of a Mystery' by Michael Bisio (AMB Music, ASCAP) and 'Lonely Woman' by Ornette Coleman (MJQ Music).

This stunning trio recording brings a uniquely creative yet disciplined edge to jazz performance... The trio’s watchwords are collaboration, listening and response, and collective dynamism. Structured tunes flow in and out of free improvisation, taking the performers and listeners alike to unexpected imaginative places... While some may place Gluck within the context of the avant garde, following in the tradition of Cecil Taylor, Sun Ra, Andrew Hill, Paul Bley and Don Pullen, his music reveals an abiding affection towards the more pastoral and pensive aspects of impressionism and late romanticism. His approach as a pianist, composer and improviser is one that intuitively merges intuition with a broad sonic palate where lyricism and abstraction find a shared home.
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    Michael Bisio
  Bob Gluck
Returning CD

FMR Records (FMR CD 251), 2008

Recorded live April 28 and October 14, 2007
Recorded by Ben Anderson, except
"Unknown Soldier" and "Lonely Woman" recorded by Paul Antonell
Mixed, mastered, and produced by Bob Gluck
CD cover art by Ewan Rigg
Produced for FMR by Trevor Taylor

"...the trio's version of 'Lonely Woman' is brilliant. Ornette Coleman's beautiful tune is fully in sync with the rest of the album's desperate tone, full of shattered hope, and deep longing for a better world." ("Free Jazz Blogspot")
Dean Sharp


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