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  Infinite Spirit: Music of Herbie Hancock's Mwandishi Band

"Infinite Spirit" was formed to perform the repertoire of Herbie Hancock's remarkably creative and exploratory "Mwandishi" band (1970-1973). "Infinite Spirit" is inspired by their approach to the music - as if something new and suprising could unfold every time they played. Our impetus was the publication of Bob Gluck's recent book, "You'll Know When You Get There: Herbie Hancock and the Mwandishi Band" (University of Chicago Press, 2012).

Bob Gluck (keyboards), Eddie Allen (trp)
Christopher Dean Sullivan (bass), Tani Tabbal (dr)

Infinite Spirit

Concert recordings @ Sound Cloud

Bob Gluck (keyboards), Christopher Dean Sullivan (bass)

Bob Gluck & Chris Sullivan

Sleeping Giant / Dolphin Dance (Hancock)
Audio mp3: Albany, NY, March 28, 2011
Audio mp3: NYC, March 29, 2011

Earlier interpretations of Mwandishi music by Bob Gluck

Bob Gluck solo: piano, computer interface and electronics

Audio mp3: Waking the Sleeping Giant (Hancock / Gluck)
YouTube videos: part 1 and part 2
About the electronics and "Many Hands" computer interface

Bob Gluck (piano), Michael Bisio (bass) and Jay Rosen (drums)

Audio mp3: Sleeping Giant (Hancock)
Audio mp3: Quasar (Maupin)
segues into 'Its About That Time' (Miles Davis)
Audio mp3: Water Torture (Maupin) segues out of 'What is this Thing Called Love' (Cole Porter)

Gluck Trio performance
Bob Gluck (piano & electronics), Michael Bisio (bass), Jay Rosen (drums)
Sage College's Opalka Gallery, September 2008. Photo: Jim Richard Wilson

Trio with Michael Bisio (bass) and Dean Sharp (drums)

Bob Gluck (piano & electronics), Michael Bisio (bass), Dean Sharp (drums)
Justin's on Lark (Albany, New York), October 2008. Photo: Stan Gluck
Gluck Trio performance
Video: Wandering Spirit Song (Priester)

Audio mp3: Quasar (Maupin)
segues into 'Its About That Time' (Miles Davis), performed July 2008
Audio mp3: Quasar (Maupin)
opening passage, featuring electronics, performed April 2007, Saratoga Art Center

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