Electric Brew

Music for piano, computer-assisted piano, shofar (ram's horn) and electronics

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Bob Gluck

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[links are for brief mp3 sound clips]

1. Electric Brew Prelude (2006)

2. Electric Brew (2005)
[Two works based upon themes from Miles Davis' 'Bitches Brew']

3. Akeda (2000)
Composer: Ofer Ben-Amots

4. 127 Digits (1996)
Composer: Shlomo Dubnov

5. Pharoah's Interlude (2006)

6. Pharoah's Spring (2005)
[Two works based upon themes from Josef Zawinul's 'Pharoah's Dance']

7. In the Bushes (2003)
1. Prelude
2. Pastorale
3. Prisoners
4. At the U.N.
5. The game
[A political commentary about the war in Iraq; performance video below]

8. Questions, questions (2005)
[A structured improvisation based upon themes from Dave Holland's 'Q&A']

9. Is there still time? (2006)
[An improvisation inspired by Miles Davis' 'Its About That Time']

Compositions by Bob Gluck, except where noted.

QuickTime video recordings of live performances

Electric Brew performed at the Spanish Synagogue in Prague (solo, 2005)

In The Bushes performed at the University at Albany (solo, 2004)

Technical note: Bob performs on pianos with computer-assisted technologies that track the piano performance (key and pedal movement), using either a Yamaha Disklavier or an ordinary acoustic piano fitted with a Moog / Buchla PianoBar). New musical material is algorithmically generated based upon the performance information using software interfaces designed in Max/MSP. Most electronic sounds included are real-time digitally processed shofar.

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